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Dosa / Thosai Live Stalls

Book your Live Dosa / Thosai Stalls for your next event. We provide the below tasty dosa varieties. Plain Dosa , Onion Dosa , Egg Dosa , Potato (Masala) Dosa , Ghee Dosa and more…. So what is Dosa? Dosa is a kind of pancake made from a fermented batter. Its main ingredients are rice and urad beans. Dosa is part and parcel of the South Indian diet and popular all over the Indian
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Macdonalds Secret Recipe – Salted Egg Burger

So where does salted egg come from? A salted egg is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine, or packing each egg in damp, salted charcoal. Are Singaporeans Mad about Salted egg? Singaporeans craze with salted egg has found its way on to potato chips, eggs Benedict, croissants,french fries, burger patty, chicken wings, dips, fish skin , ice cream , milky drinks and more. Looking at this , Macdonalds

Vishu Feast at Swaadhist Singapore

Happy Chitirai Tamil New Year to all our Indian Friends and Happy Vishu to all our Tamil Friends. Today we visited Singapore famous Kerala Restaurant , Swaadhist Singapore. We heard that this restaurant will be usually crowded on Vishu festival so we were prepared to wait. True enough the restaurant was packed with hungry food tasters. This is one of the best time you can get to see Kerala ladies in their traditional wear too. This is


We spent our weekend in Westgate Mall ISETAN Korean Trade Fair 2016. There were alot of exciting Korean street food. There was only 1 item which excited us a lot – Mini Fried Crabs. It was like eating Bizzare Food. But honestly the taste of the crab was fantastic – crunchy , crispy and meaty in the centre. Pop 1 and you can not stop.$6 for 100grams. A must try for crab fanatics.

Best Roasted Hot Chicken Rice in Singapore

Happy April Fool’s Day Folk.Hope you guys had fun fooling your friends. Here’s another exciting review about the best roasted chicken rice in Singapore. This shop serves chicken rice in fine dining style and yet the chicken rice is still cheap.its just about $1 extra for each plate when we compare it to coffee shop chicken rice which is $3.   I have yet to try the steamed chicken rice but it seems to