Biscuit and Snack Stall

Biscuit and Snacks Stall

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We cater a wide range of biscuits as below:

Iced Gem Biscuit, Small Bun Biscuit, Sesame Biscuit, Snowy Shortcake Biscuit, Merlion Biscuit, Cheese Stick Biscuit, Small Flying Fish Biscuit, Onion Biscuit, Small Vegetable Biscuit, Butterfly Biscuit, Finger Cream Biscuit, Lemon Puff Biscuit, Orange Cream Biscuit , Cocoa Cream Biscuit , Traditional Lemon Puff, Mega Cream, Banana Puff, Vanilla Cream Biscuit, Sultana Biscuit, Milk Biscuit, Creamy Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate ABC Biscuit, ABC Biscuit, Gem Biscuit, Biscuit Rokok, Big Marie Biscuit, Small 5-flavoured Biscuit, Big 5-flavoured Biscuit, White Coconut Biscuit, Salty Biscuit, Peanut Butter Biscuit, Cheese Biscuit, Chocolate Wafer, Milk Wafer, Strawberry Wafer, Black / White Love Letter, Chocolate Love Letter, Strawberry Love Letter, Chocolate Waffle Stick, Short Spotted Love Letter, Thai Coffee Cream, Tiramisu, Thai Pineapple Biscuit, Pineapple Biscuit with Sugar, Smiley Pineapple, Traditional Pineapple Biscuit, Pandan Wrap, Durian Wrap, Walnut Cookie, Almond Cookie, Cookie Biscuit, Cashew Nut Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Rice Cracker Chocolate, Mini Butter Soda, Osborne Biscuit, Small Soda, Small Sugar Soda Biscuit, Cream Cracker, Big Butter Soda, Wheat Soda, Rusk Biscuit, Peanut Biscuit, Almond Nut Biscuit, Kueh Ban Cake and lastly Biscuit Fritter.



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Station Cost

100-300 pax $80, 301-600 pax $160, 601-1000 pax $240


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