Best Roasted Hot Chicken Rice in Singapore

Happy April Fool’s Day Folk.Hope you guys had fun fooling your friends.

Here’s another exciting review about the best roasted chicken rice in Singapore.


This shop serves chicken rice in fine dining style and yet the chicken rice is still cheap.its just about $1 extra for each plate when we compare it to coffee shop chicken rice which is $3.



I have yet to try the steamed chicken rice but it seems to be a hot favorite among diners too. I have visited this shop 3 times and all I can say is their roasted chicken rice is the best, When you go to coffee shops the roasted chicken hangs there and you might be wondering when it was roasted. Food which is left in open air without reheating attracts bacteria and I believe it it unhealthy and causes stomach indigestion and etc.In this shop once you order the chef will roast the chicken and it takes about 20 minutes before you are served. Sometimes the chef want to roast the chicken fast like 15 min if the shop is crowded. Ensure you make it clear that you want your chicken to be fully roasted (20min). What you get in your plate is crispy roasted hot delicious chicken.Try the chicken in this shop once and you will be hooked.

Food should be ate hot. That’s why in carnival munchies we bring live stalls to your events and cook food hot to serve you delicious , yummy , fresh , piping hot mouth watering treats.

Best Roasted Chicken Rice in Singapore (Macpherson) :


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