Macdonalds Secret Recipe – Salted Egg Burger

salted egg yolk burger secret

So where does salted egg come from?
A salted egg is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine, or packing each egg in damp, salted charcoal.


Are Singaporeans Mad about Salted egg?
Singaporeans craze with salted egg has found its way on to potato chips, eggs Benedict, croissants,french fries, burger patty, chicken wings, dips, fish skin , ice cream , milky drinks and more.

salted egg

Looking at this , Macdonalds decided to satisfy the salted egg cravings of Singaporeans by introducing the all new SALTED EGG BURGER.
Let us share with you the secret of how the recipe of the salted egg came about.
The supplier of this salted egg is actually from KNORR.
We have tried KNORR salted egg recipe and Macdonalds recipe taste 99% similar.
This powdered ingredient is mixed with butter , curry leaves , water , milk and whipped into cream before dipping the patty.
Why not grab this product and try it in your home to validate yourself?


So the niche market bursts open and who is going to introduce a salted egg restaurant to have all the salted egg food and drinks.
Contact us now as we bring our LIVE F&B Stalls to your venue with our special home made recipe of salted egg.
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