Vishu Feast at Swaadhist Singapore

Happy Chitirai Tamil New Year to all our Indian Friends and Happy Vishu to all our Tamil Friends.

Today we visited Singapore famous Kerala Restaurant , Swaadhist Singapore.

swaadhist singapore

We heard that this restaurant will be usually crowded on Vishu festival so we were prepared to wait.

True enough the restaurant was packed with hungry food tasters.

This is one of the best time you can get to see Kerala ladies in their traditional wear too.


This is one of the best meal we have ever ate  served on a banana leaf.

There were 26 items served on the banana leaf.

The price of each meal is priced at SGD$17.

The best part of this meal is , you can keep asking more as many times as you like for every single item.

The food is very delicious and I can tell that after this heavy meal, you are sure to doze off.



Burp….Yuumy …..Until then zzzzzzz……………………

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